The only constant is change…yes?

If the world has taught us nothing else in these last 18 months, it’s that we need to be able to manage constant, and often unexpected, change. Here at The Collins Foundation, it’s no exception!  Our dear CEO, Cynthia Addams stepped down in April. Our new CEO Carol Cheney is still getting her feet wet. Now we have two more changes to announce.

After 14 years of steadfast leadership and service to the community, The Collins Foundation’s long-time Director of Programs, Cindy Knowles, has made the decision to retire and will be stepping down from her role on June 9th. Cindy has graciously agreed to stay on part time as a senior program officer to help onboard new staff while she finalizes her retirement plans. 

Those of you who know and have worked with Cindy understand the incredible impact she has had on the nonprofit sector, the compassion and depth of care in how she does her work, and how much she loves our communities and our state. We have been incredibly fortunate to have gotten to work alongside and learn from Cindy and, though we'll miss her deeply, we're excited for her as she launches into this next chapter!

With Cindy’s move, we are also excited to announce Jackie Murphy as our Interim Director of Programs! Jackie is a go-getter and systems thinker who, for the last three years in her role as a program officer, has helped us pivot towards racial equity. A strong community “connector,” Jackie’s approachable, authentic style and warmth have helped Collins build stronger relationships in the community and her commitment to equity and justice is invaluable as we move into the future! Jackie stepped into her new role on June 10th. I’m excited about our working partnership!

Please help us send off Cindy with your good wishes and send out a warm welcome to Jackie. And change?…Yes!

All my best,
Carol Cheney