Reporting Overview

Every organization receiving a grant payment from The Collins Foundation must report annually on the use of grant funds and the impact on the funded project or program during the grant period. For a single-year grant, The Collins Foundation requires an annual report when the project is complete and the entire grant award is expended. For a multi-year award, the Foundation requires interim reports yearly as work on the project progresses, and a final report when the project is complete and the entire grant award is expended. Report deadlines are specified in a grantee’s award letter. If circumstances require an extension of the report deadline, or if questions arise regarding grant reporting, grantees may contact Colin Jones, Grants Manager, at 503-471-2225, or

Reporting online

All grantees will submit interim and final reports online. Visit to create your account with our grant application and reporting portal and submit your report. The report deadline for March 1, 2018, reports will be extended to March 16 for all grantees. 

Prior to a grantee’s report due date, the Foundation will email a reminder.

Click here to see the grant report questions.

Reporting on changes during the grant period

Throughout the grant period, the Foundation requires immediate notification of any proposed, significant modifications to the original plans for the project or program. In addition, it is the grantee’s responsibility to notify the Foundation if changes or concerns arise that may significantly impact the grantee’s overall operations, including key personnel transitions.  

Reporting on challenge or conditional grants

Organizations seeking payment on a challenge or conditional grant must submit a cover letter and required documentation via conventional mail or email ( to verify that all conditions have been met.

After the Foundation's payment is received, the grantee is responsible for reporting on the use and impact of the funds on an annual basis until  all grant funds have been expended, using the online report form, on a schedule specified in the letter accompanying the payment.