Application Materials

Note: In February of 2018, the Foundation will be moving to an online application process, which will include a Letter of Inquiry step and updated application questions. The Application Checklist available here should be used for proposals submitted before February 1, 2018. The Foundation will continue to use the Community Information Form. This page will be updated in February 2018 to reflect the new materials and process.

The Application Checklist is a tool to help organizations plan and prepare a grant application. It provides a list of required items and attachments that will ensure timely progression through the review process. An incomplete grant submission may result in delays. Click here to download the Application Checklist. 

In addition to the materials outlined in the Application Checklist, all proposals must be accompanied by a completed Community Information Form, outlining the demographics of the applicant's leadership and the community to be served. Click here to download the Community Information Form.

Proposals, including the checklist and a completed Community Information Form, should be mailed/delivered to:

Cynthia G. Addams, Chief Executive Officer
The Collins Foundation
1618 SW First Avenue, Suite 505 
Portland, OR 97201